Certified Provides Mines With Underground Proof Load Testing Services For Rigging and Equipment

If you have ever seen rigging, tools or equipment brought up from an underground potash mine and left above ground you will notice something happens very quickly to the equipment…corrosion. The potash on equipment, combined with exposure to the elements above ground starts the corrosive process. The simplest solution, don’t bring equipment above ground if possible. Yet, mines still require equipment to be recertified annually or it needs to be replaced(an expensive option!). Certified provides a solution for this problem. Rather than bringing the equipment to Certified to pull test, we bring Certified to the equipment! We have set up underground vertical testbeds and provided a trained technician to recertify equipment. A 20ft Vertical Proof Load Testbed is set up underground. The testbed is rated  for 75,000lbs and is used to recertify lever hoists, chain hoists, various slings, and plate clamps. Typically this service is provided during the mine shutdown over a period of 8-10 days. 

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