Ingersoll Rand – HU Air Tugger – 2,500lb

  • Make: Ingersoll Rand
  • Model: HU
  • Capacity: 2,500lbs (mid-drum)
  • Operating Pressure: 90Psig
  • Consumption Volume: 350 CFM (@ rated pressure)
  • Wire rope size: 3/8″
  • Wire rope Capacity:
  • Line Speed (mid): 110fpm
  • Gross weight (less rope): 490lbs
  • Features:
    • Engineered frame for mounting winch
    • “Football” style lubricator
    • Hand Brake
    • Drum Guard
    • Whip check for airline
    • Supplied with wire rope as needed

All of our Air Winches come with a fresh service and pull testing certificates showing a proof load of 125% of rated load has been applied and held by the manual brake.

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